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What is your primary use case for VMware Horizon 7?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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Most of the colleges are using Chromebooks but what I'm trying to develop is some virtual machines that have a common operating system to deliver to the student. They would be a virtual machine, similar to a Chromebook. This is what I am trying to develop.

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We essentially use it to enable remote workers.

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We are selling this solution, but my position is in IT. I provide technical support to our clients. Our customers use this solution for virtualization.

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We use this solution for delivering virtual desktops and applications. Currently, we are using version 2006 which has an older model of provisioning and there are some compatibility issues that we are going to solve in the coming months. The latest version is 2103. However, there is not much difference between 2006 and 2103 it is almost the same. The small differences are in adjunct functionality and regarding the transference relationship between domains.

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We used this solution for a complaint management and support system. The project was a combination of Horizon 7, VMware, Oracle Database, Apex, and GlassFish. Most of them were deployed on Linux or Windows, and we implemented a center to manage the VMware cluster. The main software, based on Oracle Database, gave the operator a terminal and different kinds of forms for entering the data that they got from the customers. The virtual machines were based on Horizon 7. We completed this project in 2018, and it is still working.

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We use this solution for virtual desktop infrastructure and remote desktop connections on client sites with 18 clients or end-user devices.

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