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What is your primary use case for Zscaler Cloud Firewall?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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Zscaler Cloud Firewall can be used for many purposes. It can be used for blocking, such as all the malicious IPs, unauthorized IPS, unauthorized sites, and unsanctioned sites. For example, many users use PDF converters, they can upload confidential data to it, we can detect it, and we can block them.

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We use Zscaler Cloud Firewall to enable quick and secure internet access for branch offices, small offices, and retail stores. It's very convenient for deployment.

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The product is an easy solution to replace on-prem firewalls and VPNs and provide security for any device from anywhere - whether a user is at home or on a corporate network.

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This solution is in the cloud firewall where you just divert your router into the IP address and it goes to the Zscaler Cloud. Our current customer is a major financial institution and the solution is being used as general insurance for the company. Everyone is using the second generation VPN of Zscaler. There are 11 people in our company using the solution and our current customer has around 15,000 users, all using the product on a daily basis. We are customers and resellers of ZScaler and I'm a director of our company.

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My primary goal is to find the simple and easy cloud solutions that I am reselling. Zscaler is one of them because it provides something that is broader than only firewalling on cloud. There is a lot of work around it and it's all outsourced once it's in the cloud and protects from attacks. The great thing about it is that people get the most updated software and hardware security guarantee. We deal with medium-sized enterprise companies. We're in Europe and I am the only unique Zscaler reseller for companies with less than 2000 users. They normally don't deal with companies smaller than that.

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We are establishing IT systems from the customers' routers to the nodes in Zscaler. Once we hand over the traffic to them, we wait for them to claim the full IP packet and we send the traffic back to them along with the destination. From our perspective, Zscaler is a security solution that is implemented in the cloud so it's a cloud supported service solution. We are not specifically working on a specific firewall.

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