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What needs improvement with McAfee MVISION Endpoint?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with McAfee MVISION Endpoint.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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I would like to see more local integration for the applications that we use. We are looking forward to having more unified management.

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We're still looking for weaknesses. The product is still quite new for us. That said, so far, every time I have thought, "I wonder if it can do this or it can do that." I've been able to do it. McAfee has also asked us for feedback, and we noticed when we gave them suggestions, they worked to implement them. For example, we asked for the ability to leverage Windows Defender instead of creating an endpoint. They've just put that in so you can choose now what you want to do. You can change that deployment and push it out without any intervention by the client as well. The initial setup can be a bit complicated for those unfamiliar with the product.

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McAfee has several MVISION products. It will be really amazing if they could be consolidated into one dashboard. As of now, I know that this is on the roadmap and is expected to be released very soon. It'll unify the management of the various MVISION portfolios. It will be a great tool for improvement. Instead of needing separate management consoles to manage some of the products in the portfolio, a unified console for MVISION Cloud, MVISION EDR, MVISION Endpoint, MVISION DLP, and the remaining MVISION portfolio would be great. I believe that McAfee is addressing this at present. A drawback with the cloud MVISION ePO is that you can't push agents from the cloud portal. You need to download that agent, and you need to figure out a way to install that agent into the machines. I'd like to see MVISION Endpoint for other platforms because MVISION Endpoint is only compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 2016 and above. If I were using a Linux operating system, I would not be able to use MVISION Endpoint. I'd like to see it in the Mac operating system as well. I'd like to see cross-compatibility, which would be great. Even though McAfee has a simpler product for Androids and the iOS, it would be great to see the ease of use of MVISION Endpoint across the portfolio.

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The biggest problem we had with this product was when the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) did not respond well to a threat. We experienced one virus attack that the product did not catch. I do not know the exact CDC (Communication Device Class) details. That time, we did an analysis, but the systems crashed. We could not even access the infected file servers. Because we could not access the servers in that attack, we could not even remove all the threats. Eventually, what we had to do is find out which servers got infected and then we had to roll back those servers to a previous backup. It left us in a little bit of a vulnerable situation. It ended up not being what we hoped for in an endpoint solution. Because McAfee was infected, other endpoint protections were also affected that made the situation more difficult to resolve. Improvements that I would like to see in MVISION would be to provide some additional features for the cloud to make their product a one-stop solution. For example, every organization is going into hybrid-cloud. That may allow part of a solution on-site. That can be part of multi-tier platforms and would be more flexible. What they can do is offer more in order to be a leader in innovation for different architectures rather than for enterprise only. For example, the endpoint security product uses every desktop like service. They have the features for the hardware detection and the platform access, then on the application layers. These three layers are a part of the firewall. So these are the firewall and then there are other things they could be offering as a single source to create a more secure environment as a proactive solution. This is something that definitely could be improved, especially with intrusion detection and intervention. It is very important to do more to cover the security of these more invasive practices. So, they could improve things with a web application firewall, and improve intrusion detection and prevention. Those should be the key areas which they are focusing on right now to improve the utility of the product moving forward. If you have a look into the Gartner report, there are many companies that are making advances in this category of product and it means competition for McAfee.

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A policy-editing console should be added. Having automatic updates would be helpful.

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Endpoint resource utilization causes high levels of instability and that is something that needs improvement. Our clients are concerned about how it can affect their endpoints and do not want the CPU overburdened.

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