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What needs improvement with Nutanix Era?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Nutanix Era.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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They recently came out with a new version, so there are some new features that I still need to try. So it's hard to say what should be improved. Also, I don't have any essential databases that I'm managing with Era, so I'm not really close to the DBAs and don't know what they need or where there is still room for improvement. The best ones to answer this question are the DBAs because Era is basically designed for the databases.

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The patching should be a one-button function. Also, it works about 80 percent of the time, but 20 percent of the time it requires manual intervention. And sometimes, until you understand the technical underpinnings of that process, you can't fix it. I thought we would move past that. In the last version, they broke a big chunk of that for me, and that's why I'm waiting for the new release because they promised me it would fix the problem.

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If there were data integration services included with the platform then it would be interesting, and it would help us a lot.

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The management of the solution needs to be improved. The solution needs better backup support, especially with Amazon Media. The solution needs to improve compatibility with other back-ups and products.

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We just started about three or four months back to do deeper explorations of the product. We are in the implementation of it really, and exploration is still on-going. Essentially, customers have just started using this product so we need to wait some time and see what their feedback is going to be like. Generally, before, we were using the Nutanix Acropolis product, which is another hypervisor, and the deployment was okay. This is something new for us, so we are still discovering a lot about this solution. Maybe after six months, we will have more valuable customer feedback about what is missing and what is required to be improved. But so far, we already have some issues like patch management which has shown to cause some stability issues. The pricing — which is probably the biggest issue for this product becoming more accepted in the market — probably needs to be re-evaluated because it is too high and customers are resisting the cost. The pricing structure is also much more confusing than it needs to be.

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I would like to see the SQL compatibility enhanced.

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