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What to include into Service Level Agreement (SLA) when purchasing cloud penetration testing services?

Hi peers,

What should one include (essential items) into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) when purchasing cloud penetration testing services? 

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Usually, CSPs provide a list of what is/isn´t presented in their SLA and services book. 

If your provider doesn't offer this info, consider asking for the deadlines (times in hours) that each service is resolved at each support level (Level1, L2, L3..., mapped w/each service|product).

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Hi @Jairo Willian Pereira, @Rahul Patel, @KashifJamil ​and @Attila Mate Kovacs,

Do you have any experience with SLAs and possibly can share your knowledge here?


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Hi @Alon Mantsur, can you please chime in here?

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