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When evaluating Deduplication, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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I think the most important features to look for are whether dedupe is online or at rest and if the block size is fixed or not.

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You should look at these feature and parameters:

1. read speed, 2. write speed, 3. throughput, 4. data protection/integrity, 5. de-dupe topology - at target, at source, both - for last two check the impact on the source 6. the need for agent/plugin installation - check FW requirements (ports to open etc.) 7. space reclamation (garbage collection, filesystem cleaning etc.) - check if the system will be able to finish GC before next run. 8. ability to scale the system performance and capacity 9. data transfer protocols (tcp/IP, FC, iSCSI etc.) 10. application/backup software interoperability  - for source based de-dupe, for additional services like virtual synthetic full backups    

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recovery performance, data availability and  accessibility

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Performance penalty, on data read operation.

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Impact upon performance. Is deduplication going to disrupt the workflow.

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data availability , accessibility and performance.

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