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When evaluating NAS, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?


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How will it integrate into your network? Is the management intuitive? When was the NAS hardware released, and how long will it be supported? Is it upgradeable? How flexible is the vendor? 

It really sucks to get locked into an inflexible vendor. Insist on references from current users that you can talk to directly!

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Most people purchasing a cloud NAS are not aware they are being charged twice; once by the cloud provider and once by the NAS vendor. It is important to understand how you are being charged for a cloud NAS.

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It very easy to manage via webmanger gui
it offers a global biew on what happen by host, pools,
Create,delete , expand & reduce,migrate pools is very easy like kid game.
waht i liked on it, its cababality to add external storages (another nas) and manage mdisk and pool from one webinterface

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A NAS System for me, has to be seamless integratable in an exsisting Environmend (such as Microsoft Domain Services), so it is important that the OS of the NAS supports CIFS 3.02 with Server Site Copy Offload an other native MS Windows Server Features.

I don't care very much about the (afaik often manipulated) Opinion in Forums and Blogs!
Thats why i agree with Chris Krikke. It's more important for me to use a reliable Hardware and Software Platform with depandable Service Levels Agreements, than any "cheapo" Hardware and "self-build" or "Open-Source" Software from shady Sources...

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There are the common answers like IOPs, throughput, bandwidth, latency, etc. What I do is look for end-users that are happy with the product through blogs, forums, articles, etc. it's too easy to get lured in with marketing hype but real world experience from somebody that has actually been using the product is invaluable.

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Hardware replcaement, the replacements service for hp proliant hardware is much beter dan NAS hardware service recplacement like QNAP and others.

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IOPS, latency and costs per GB

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It depends? We mostly use NAS as a lower tier of storage in our environment, so I'm mostly concerned about cost per capacity and support.

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IOPS, throughout and latency

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