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Which ETL tool would you recommend to populate data from OLTP to OLAP?


I am working as a solution architect for a tech vendor with 10,000+ employees. 

I need to perform comparative analysis for ETL tools available to populate data from OLTP to OLAP.

The main criteria I am considering are:

  • Price
  • Functionality (transformation, error logging and handling, loading patterns to be supported)
  • Development and maintenance efforts
  • Popularity in the market.

I want to evaluate both Oracle and Open Source options. I am also open to both tools (ODI, Golden Gate, etc) and technology- e.g. Oracle Materialized view.

Thanks! I appreciate your help. 

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There are two products I know about
* TimeXtender : Microsoft based, Transformation logic is quiet good and can easily be extended with T-SQL , Has a semantic layer that generates metat data for cubes . price approx 40K$, works with tables
. Attunity (Bought by Qlik) : technology agnostic , nice web interface , expensive > 100K€. Works with transaction logs

There are many other pure ETL tools
* ERWIN has a nice one ,

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Depends upon the technologies being used. If you're using Oracle for both OLTP and OLAP then you'll get a lot of value from an Oracle solution.

The other question is how up to date do you want your OLAP DB to be? Goldengate is a good answer if you're looking to minimize latency, but it can be expensive. ODI is less expensive but better suited to bulkier data sets.  If an Oracle product wasn't the option I'd probably consider something like Informatica.

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Hi Rajneesh,
yes here is the feature comparison between the community and enterprise edition : https://www.hitachivantara.com/en-us/pdf/brochure/leverage-open-source-benefits-with-assurance-of-hitachi-overview.pdf

And a short description of the community edition: https://www.predictiveanalyticstoday.com/pentaho-community-edition/

And the download link: https://community.hitachivantara.com/s/article/downloads

You can ask more from the great community: https://forums.pentaho.com/


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We have experiences only in Pentaho Data Integrator (open source competitor of the Oracle Data Integrator).
But OLAP exporting wasn't in our scope until now.

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We usually use Talend.
Look here: https://community.talend.com/t5/Design-and-Development/The-way-from-OLTP-to-OLAP/td-p/116719

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As someone mentioned, if you're purely Oracle shop and staying that way then there's value with prioritizing Oracle tools.  However, let me contrast that with this caveat...

Consider expectations for tool and vendor longevity. Oracle has a long history of retiring and/or replacing tools leaving customers in the cold with prior versions/tools (I've been burned multiple times by Oracle product retirements or replacements including OWB, Oracle Designer2k, Oracle Express, Oracle OEDW, their purchase of Sagent ETL which as later abandoned).

But I would also consider these questions and relative prioritization:  

What is your organization's plans for moving to other database technologies?  

Where is your org going with on-prem versus cloud solutions?  How important are PaaS versus IaaS solutions?  

Where is your current staff's expertise?  

Prioritize mature over immature tools. 

How many sources do you have?  What are their technologies and does the integration tool support them?

Is it just moving data from a single ERP such as Oracle EBS to Olap? When you say Olap what do you mean by that?  Are you talking Oracle Olap product or something else?  That makes a really big difference of course - if your ETL tool doesn't support your source(s) and target(s) then it shouldn't be considered.

Given the industry's trajectory, I myself would highly prioritize PaaS solutions over others.

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What is the OLAP that you are using? Hosted in Cloud or on-premise? 

The target DB should have its tool to extract data.

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Pentaho is a really nice tool if opensource is the only option. 

Please think about issues such as upgrade and disaster in the future. These operations are very easy in Pentaho.

I can only suggest one thing for replication and that is Qlik. (ex-Attunity).

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Hi Karoly, Thanks for your input. community: https://forums.pentaho.com/ is not allowing new registrations for new users. I guess they accept queries from customers only and not from any one. Do you know any other forum, community, SMEs contacts who can help on queries?

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Hi Karoly,

Thanks for your response !!!
Is Pentaho Data Integrator available as freeware/open source tool? Does it come in basic, standard and enterprise editions flavors?

It integrates data from various heterogeneous systems like multiple variety of databases (SQL server, Oracle, DB2 etc), files (XML, XLS, CSV, text etc)? Targets can be any type of DB , file etc.?

What all flavors available like Basic, Standard, Enterprise editions? All editions are free/ open source?


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Hi AThire ,
Thanks for your response, I am looking for open source tools.


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Thanks Stefan !!!
May I know if Talend is opensource /free ? It is available in all 3 editions - basic , standard end enterprise? it is capable to read data from all heterogeneous system like various types of data bases and files etc..?

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