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Which SIEM is best fit with Palo Alto Cortex XDR?

Can anyone advise on which SIEM will work best with Palo Alto Cortex XDR?


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I think most of them understand "de-facto standards" very well (including Palo Alto - if that doesn't happen the problem is with PA and not with SIEM). Although the question is "excellent and specific", I would be concerned with a SIEM that works better with EVERYONE asset and less with a specific product/3rd party (because in long-term it will be just another datasource of your correlation ecosystem).

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Hi Sanguan,

its "quite easy" there are only two option, if you go for the best.

One is Q-Radar, as recommended below the other one is of course splunk.


In terms of easyness of use, quickness of installation, speed of adaptation (dynamic serach) splunk is #1

If you take required manpower in account you should accept Splunk Licence costs (TCO).

On the other hand Q-Radar is a well proven tool.

In my humble opinion everthig else is 2nd Choice.

Best Regards


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Palo Alto Networks and IBM have partnered to deliver logging extensions for Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR for the widely used IBM QRadar SIEM.

Referenece : IBM Security App Exchange - Cortex XDR for QRadar (ibmcloud.com)

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I would advise not using LogRhythm. They do not have a log parser for the Cortex. 

Splunk works well with it. You do have to setup a log forwarder in Cortex though (that would apply for any SIEM). 

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Hi @Wouter Hindriks, @Mantu Shaw, @Dwayne Samson, @Ken Shaurette ​and @Darshil Sanghvi ,

Do you have any insights to assist with this question? Thanks.

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Any of the mainstream SIEM tools will integrate well with Cortex XDR -  QRadar, Splunk, Exabeam, etc. 

The other question is which is the best SOAR partner - Demisto from Palo Alto should be a good bet here.

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