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Would you choose ServiceNow over Microsoft PowerApps?


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ServiceNow offers a lot for free: workflows, organizational structures, disaster recovery, and reporting, among other things. The workflows with ServiceNow are very well-designed and robust. With ServiceNow, we can focus on functionality and productivity. It is a huge time-saver. ServiceNow is very flexible and built to be integrated.

It would be a big improvement if ServiceNow made their resource management easier and a bit more graphical. The licensing could also be broken down into tiers to attract organizations with smaller needs and help reduce costs. ServiceNow could be more intuitive so that simple tasks wouldn’t need to be relearned by the casual user. In a word, ServiceNow could be more user-friendly.

We liked that Microsoft Power Apps is highly customizable. They offer several different payment options, including a community plan for free. Microsoft Power Apps is easy to set up and deploy. The technical support is also very good. This solution has allowed us to remove a lot of manual redundancies and streamline and update our processes.

We found some issues with Microsoft Power Apps being a bit buggy and we also experienced some performance issues. The documentation needs to be improved - there is not enough of what we need to know to make the right decisions. It would be great if Microsoft Power Apps was more of a production application, so we could export apps.


We chose ServiceNow because we like the live data and workflow templates they provide. We feel ServiceNow is very robust and offers better customization, allowing us to make better chains and format excellent business rules. We like the stability and scalability and we haven’t experienced any bugs or glitches using ServiceNow.

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I will Choose ServiceNow because the ServiceNow PA module is very powerful to get all kinds of data and KPI reports which is live data compared to Microsoft PowerApps.

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