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9 months ago
In the time that has passed since I wrote the article, many improvements have been integrated into the Netsuite platform, including the improvement in the supply chain, this has been making the tool more sophisticated, the best of all is that they are integrated under the…
9 months ago
What I really like most about Netsuite projects is that there are no small letters, the same you sign to be paid is what you really pay, no surprises on data transfer or MB consuming, it is great!!
9 months ago
The financial consolidation between companies and the accounting closing are wonderful features you can be obtained Financial Statements in real-time
9 months ago
Is very easy to use, very intuitive!
Over 6 years ago
If you are looking for an automatic risk calculation, maybe the big ones could cover your needs. Like Primavera or Rational, most of midrange offer several risk management ways, but most of them manualy (Project Manager, must move risk status on the tool) or partially…
Over 6 years ago
You may contact Will at linkedIn at: https://pe.linkedin.com/in/espinozawill
Over 7 years ago
Hi Alin; It is not possible to configure Daptv to select who will or will not be notified of team work integration, nor task assignments, you can only advise most angry users, to temporarily disable notifications from their user profile (in main menu, top right dropdown…



9 months ago
Project Portfolio Management


Over 7 years ago
Project Portfolio Management

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