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11 months ago
Most of my peers have consolidated the key points, and I wish not to delve on the same again. That said, I wish to re-state that the HCI market and most have solutions that are, there are very mature. The buzz words have taken a paradigm shift albeit. The "Scale-out"…
Over 2 years ago
HCI solutions have matured over time. While the swing in the global market is a yoyo between VxRail and Nutanix, there are quiet a few new vendors who have brought Hardware Agnostic solutions to the market. Management, ease of implementation was the key yesterday. Of late, I…
Almost 3 years ago
With the advent of HCI architectures, there has been a flurry of solution(s) available each with their own claims and architectures. While all of them follow a Scale-Out architecture , with the use of commodity servers , each have their own strengths and a simple comparison…
Over 3 years ago
I'm happy for the user. There are choices that customer has for his/her HCI needs. If what I understand is correct, a Snapshot of meta data changes does not constitute a backup. A traditional backup and hence compliance to certain standards, requires the logical backup to be…

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