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9 months ago
Windows Server is the core of most of our small business clients networks, it holds programs and data, allows secure sharing of data, and provides core network services like User Authentication, DNS, DHCP, and File shares.
12 months ago
@Fabrizio Sagrlio I’m confused by your answer as UniFi easily supports Multiple SSIDs and Bandwidth restrictions through the controller dashboard. 
12 months ago
Learn the product before you jump in, it is very powerful, but that means it isn't always easy to manage. Changes can be simple as checking a box, or as complicated as sending PowerShell code, best to know how to use the features you want before you move everyone over.
12 months ago
We use it for the ability to manage and make changes at multiple locations from a single dashboard. As an MSP we manage a lot of networks and driving to each site wastes valuable employee time.
About 1 year ago
Ease of management and lack of licensing fees.
About 1 year ago
I'm confused by this question as it is really easy to get pricing and cost info for Ubiquiti Unifi, for price just go to their website. For cost just ask your distributer or if you don't have one buy it off Amazon. Honestly its almost to easy as clients can find out my price…
Over 1 year ago
I can think of 2 Firewalls that should be doing much better then they are, Kerio Control and ZyXEL ZyWall. Both have been around for a long time but have never gained the market share I feel they should have and I often find people have never heard of them. 

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