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3 months ago
The Cisco Firepower NGFW are a very robust and efficient firewalls. The only weak I can say is their Firepower Management Center, is a tool a bit slow, to tell the true the new versions go faster but I think they need to improve this tool, is very powerful in features but it…
3 months ago
ASA Firewalls aren't the last firewalls from Cisco. They are out of date.  I recommend checking the FirePower Cisco firewalls. They are the last generation firewalls.
4 months ago
A firewall is something very personal, depend on the company, the kind of traffic, for example, a hospital doesn't need the same features as a university. One needs to implement DLP and another organization doesn't have this need.  The same with web filtering, AV, ...
4 months ago
Cisco Firepower is NGFW, and ASA is the older Cisco firewall.
5 months ago
I think I'd try more than changing a brand/model of a firewall to one superior model.  Currently, with web filter, AV, layer 7,..., sometimes my firewalls go a bit slow.  You have to understand that the price of bandwidth is decreasing and we (in almost one year) have…
6 months ago
I use Cisco Firepower 2110 and works fine.
8 months ago
Web Proxy like Cisco Umbrella works very well, you have protection at home and at office, with a lot of employees working some days at home and others at the office is a great solution.
8 months ago
I have several FortiGates and they don't have AI features, or I can't find them.
9 months ago
I have FortiGates and the last upgrade of firmware cut internet traffic if you use Inspection Mode Proxy-Based, recommended and more secure, you have to use Flow-based, less secure. I don't work with Palo Alto
10 months ago
With the Meraki MX security appliances are very easy stablish VPN, easy to monitor and have incredible resilience