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Over 1 year ago
Answered a question: Cloud vs HCI: Pros and Cons
There are several benefits of both Cloud and HCI that can be leveraged to the advantage of the feature rich HCI stack user hybrid style. The first is that many applications have not been designed for the cloud and require an on premise stack that can save data in the cloud…
Over 2 years ago
Most companies running IT Infrastructure who also want to reach cloud as part of their strategy but are struggling due to their application base should be strongly considering HCI solutions that offer Multi-Hypervisor and Multicloud as key adoption features. Hybrid Cloud…
Over 3 years ago
Actually the answer is neither. VNX and 3Par are both technology best described as yesterday's hero. Look instead to another HPe product called Nimble A series AFA or the AccelStor AFA series. AccelStor are actually delivering frightening performance in their P710-SLED…
Almost 4 years ago
Answered a question: Is Cohesity Better Than Rubrik?
Cohesity is third tier JBOF fare and is NOT a serious competitor to Rubrik. Rubrik is aimed at Data Domain replacement at a reasonable cost and their software and appliance platform is the Data Protection solution of the moment. Simple as that.
About 4 years ago
Neither they’re both overpriced garbage. Would recommend 1. Accelstor Sapphire All flash array 2. Nutanix NX8325 3. HPE Nimble Storage All flash platform



Over 1 year ago
Hyper-Converged (HCI)
Over 2 years ago
Hyper-Converged (HCI)
Over 3 years ago
Modular SAN (Storage Area Network)
Almost 4 years ago
Backup and Recovery Software

About me

I focus on Data Center solutions consisting of Compute, Virtualization and Storage elements for ePlus that cover the following vendors: EMC,HDS,NetApp, Pure Storage, Nutanix, Simplivity, VMware, Citrix, Cisco UCS Servers and Cisco Nexus switch components.

I handle OEM manufacturer relations from a technical point of view and focus on pre-sales activities.

In my current role I am the Architect, Solutions Architect and Technology specialist across a wide range of Data Center technologies and I have EMC VSPEX, VCE VBLOCK and NetApp Flexpod deployments notched up on my belt as well as several Nutanix Hyper Converged Data center deployments

I also have very deep Operating system experience that includes Mainframe MVS, Novell, AS400, ZOS, SUN Solaris, HP UX, IRIX, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Mandarin Linux and many others as well that go back to 1970's computer systems such as DOS and SCO Unix and includes all Apple OS platforms from OS6 up to OS X Unix and many other exotic UNIX operating systems and a few like DEC VMS as well.

On the storage side, my EMC TA (Commercial, Symmetrix, Isilon NAS (TA & Design for TA + Symmetrix) and IE (Symmetrix) certifications as well as my Hitachi HCA and associated IE certifications and similar certs from NetApp, IBM and HP contribute to my broad experience portfolio with storage technology. This includes Nimble and Pure Storage as well as Fusion IO solutions.

In my past lives I have worked for HP Labs, IBM, Cisco, Madge Networks, NCR, Novell, Dimension Data, Forsythe and some boutique consulting specialist companies.

I am considered a well rounded and highly experienced Data Center specialist who has served as a specialist with focus on Servers, Operating Systems, Business Critical Applications, Networking, Virtualization, Telecommunications and Storage technologies of many flavors during my career (product specialist on all of them).

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments