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Almost 3 years ago
Most respectable SIEM solutions can meet 800-171 requirements. Which SIEM is best is based on what your organization wants out of the SIEM outside of the NIST requirements. If you want to meet the minimum requirements, find the cheapest solution that meets the requirements…
Over 3 years ago
If you are a small shop, you need to trust your MSP, VAR or another reseller when purchasing a firewall. Don't just go online and buy direct. Resellers have trained people. Most mainstream vendors even have devices that can be deployed ahead of time to get a good idea of…
Almost 4 years ago
Most popular SIEMs meet the "software" needs of the NIST800-171. You still have to have the process in place to use the SIEM like the NIST's intent. A SIEM is no walk-in-the-park no matter what vendor tells you. You have to tuned it, you have to set up good alerts, you have…


Almost 3 years ago
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Almost 4 years ago
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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