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2 months ago
SD-WAN is a Software-Defined WAN and it can be used to route specific traffic from a subnet (or subnets) through a specific gateway. It can be related when the admin decides to route a traffic over a gateway to balance the bandwidth or when a traffic from a subnet needs to…
3 months ago
As a Sophos specialist, I can tell you that XG Firewall will cover all that you'll need with a more affordable way.Sophos XG firewall will not disappoint you with its performance, resources or features.
9 months ago
I hope that this file can help you.https://docs.google.com/docume...
9 months ago
I strongly recommend Sophos XG Firewall.Take a lookSophos Firewall: Synchronized Next-Gen Firewall
Over 1 year ago
Basically the major difference between Sophos XG Firewall and PFsense is that Sophos is a nextgen firewall based on objects and services and works on layer 7. Instead, Pfsense is a layer 3 firewall based on addresses and ports that is more difficult to block services like…