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Answered a question: How does EternalBlue work?
EternalBlue exploits officially named MS17-010 by Microsoft is a vulnerability that affects outdated versions of Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB). The quickest mechanism to protect against EternalBlue is through system PATCHING, i.e. download the latest version of…
Over 1 year ago
Incident Response Plan or Workflow Incident Classification and Prioritisation book The right People Process and Technology The Playbook Efficient SOC strategy
Over 1 year ago
CrowdStrike provides both a streaming and query REST API for accessing many of the features available through the Falcon Platform's UI. Carbon Black also provides a well-documented REST API for building custom integrations with the platform. Technical comparison can be…
Almost 2 years ago
EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) covers traditional anti-malware scanning. EPP is typically designed to reactively detect and block threats at device level e.g. antivirus, anti-malware, data encryption, personal firewalls, intrusion prevention (IPS) and data loss…
Almost 4 years ago
I would choose Q Radar (Security Intelligence Platforms): Whilst Splunk is highly rated by Gartner we do not see it as a commercial threat. The IBM support team summarised Splunk as being a very good collection tool with very poor analytics. Plugins are available for…



Over 1 year ago
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Almost 2 years ago
Endpoint Protection for Business (EPP)


Almost 5 years ago
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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