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Oracle OVM Using Delphix (VMware Multi-Tenant Hybrid-Cloud SaaS Solution)

Project Description

Oracle OVM using Delphix (VMware Multi-Tenant Hybrid-Cloud Solution)

This multi-tenant hybrid Cloud solution integrates Oracle OVM and VMware to deliver a High Performance/High Availability Service for Databases. The Delphix software delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, with an enterprise-class agile data platform. By virtualizing Oracle and Microsoft databases, Delphix quickly delivers databases for development, testing, and reporting needs — at a fraction of physical costs and complexity.

All of the latest High Availability features are included from fully enabled HA Data-Center clusters that are providing VM failover and Infrastructure redundancy, to DRS, DRS rules, vDS virtual networking, network I/O controller pools and Resource Pools for CPU and Memory to just name a few.


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