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Over 4 years ago
Greetings from a VBlock owner and also a NetApp shop that had the first of the 300 series ever delivered. I Had serial number 1 and 2. Each one was parked in a data center within the metro but are separated enough to not likely be in a common major disaster unless theā€¦

About me

Currently I am totally involved in our VCE VBlock Administration using VMware virtualization environment on Cisco UCS blade servers, converged network infrastructure with multiple data centers configured in a HA / DRS arrangement using multiple metro clusters, VPlex for storage redundancy, OTV for network consistency between data centers. We also have numerous remote virtual stand-alone VM hosts. The systems run hundreds of virtual machines.

I am still heavily involved as a Linux system administrator as the growing base of applications and processes that run on some form of Linux needs setup and ongoing attention.

I still try to keep up to date on the networking and current configurations that could affect my particular portion of servers and systems.

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