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About me

IT Infrastructure guy with 15+ years experience in the IT field.

- in 1998 : I started working on a Nortel/Telrad DMS-300 International Gateway as Switch Operator.
- in 1999 : I was managing the AIN Platform (Advanced Intelligent Network) to administer Telecommunication Services such as "Follow Me" and "Prepaid".
- in 2000 : PrePaid Phone System deployed in Congo DRC, 200k Prepaid cards sold ("Allo Mikili"). Development of an Extranet to report call Statistics and Customer Support/Customer Care (Development from scratch with Linux/PHP).
- in 2002 : Celtel Group bought AfriLink/Afrisat, IT Integration using Windows 2000 Active Directory Technology and Exchange 2000 Mail System. Deployment of a SAN System with HP MSA-1000. Deployment of VPN with Headquarters in The Netherlands with Cisco PIX Technology.
- in 2004 : Expansion of the SAN with a redundant SAN in 2 sites : Veritas Storage Foundation to replicate the data across Optical Fibre. Implementation of SAN Backup & Tape Libraries.
- in 2005 : Acquired by Gateway Communications. IT Integration with the entire group : 4 countries connected with VPN and Microsoft Windows 2003 Active Directory + Exchange 2003 Mail System.
- in 2006 : Implementation of BlackBerry Services. Orange is the primary Partner.
- in 2007 : Gateway Communications acquires GS Telecom. IT Integration started across Africa and Europe : 14 countries to interconnect via VPNs massive usage of Cisco ASA 55xx.
- in 2008 : New projects needed Citrix to be implemented. Marval for ITIL compliance.
- in 2009 : Gateway Communication was acquired by Vodacom and become part of the Vodafone Group. Integration continues with the mother company. Former Gateway is split into two entities : Carrier Services and Gateway Business.
- in 2010 : Deployment of EMC SAN and Disaster Recovery plan.
- in 2013 : Gateway Communications is acquired by PCCW Global Started as Technology Architect with PCCW Global.