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About 2 months ago
SOC refers to a dedicated platform and team organization to prevent, detect, assess and respond to threats and incidents. In other words, the SOC will collect events from different security components, analyze them, identify anomalies, and define procedures for alerts. The…
5 months ago
The coordination ( Security orchestration ) of various disparate security tools and technologies being used within the tool stack (typically from various vendors) to seamlessly integrate and communicate with each other to establish repeatable, enforceable, measurable, and…
5 months ago
It's not easy to understand the key differences when looking at SOAR vs. SIEM because they have many components in common.  Security information and event management (or SIEM) tools are a way to centrally collect pertinent log and event data from various security, network,…
5 months ago
Replied to Hasan Zuberi ( HZ ) Is SSO safe?
@Evgeny Belenky Dear,  all shall depend on the customer environment.  All comes down to the customer and choice or what they are looking at: what layer? what devices / Infrastructure?  Likewise, you mentioned above that all have their pros and cons. It bottles down to…
5 months ago
Answered a question: Is SSO safe?
Like there is an old saying: "Prevention is better than cure".  SSO, 2FA, MFA, and all other methods can add an extra layer of protection or prevent attacks that are getting sophisticated day by day. 
6 months ago
They are Gartner Certified , Price point and customer satisfaction. 
7 months ago
We recommend Algosec https://www.algosec.com/wp-con...
10 months ago
Depends on the Level of organizations. There are teams sometimes specifically deployed for the same or it goes to CIO or CSO's also. 


About 2 months ago
IT Alerting and Incident Management
5 months ago
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
5 months ago
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
5 months ago
Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) (IAMaaS)
10 months ago
Identity Management (IM)

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An efficient planner for Channel and Distribution with a keen eye for finding simpler, quicker and more efficient way of doing things. With ability to recognize potential opportunities to facilitate effective growth.

I've built, trained, manage and spear head Channel Partners and Direct Sales across MENA through Regional VAD’s covering wide range of solutions like

• Advance Persistent Threats (APT)
• DDOS mitigation as a service
• Security Policy & Configuration Management
• Intelligent Next Generation Firewall/cloud
• Multifactor Authentication / 2FA
• Privilege Access Management (PAM)
• Security Incident and Event Management & Vulnerability Management (SIEM &VA)
• Security Orchestration, automation and Response (SOAR)
• ZTNA As A Service
• Tracking and Encryption technology
• Darknet Crawling and indexing Services
• Forensics & Investigations,
• Cyber security services and information governance
• Networking (Brocade, Juniper, Cisco, Network Technologies)
• DPI for Analytics, Traffic Optimization, Revenue Generation, Revenue Assurance, Network Security and Regulatory Compliance Solutions in MENA region.

Experienced in introducing Emerging Technologies and Solutions to the region, and successfully delivering them. Recognized as a top performer. An Individual who moves from vision and strategy to implementation and follow-through. Have being managing vendors like Extreme Networks, Juniper Networks, Brocade, FireEye, SUSE, Citrix, Sandvine, Algosec, Systancia, Palo Alto Networks, Pulse Secure, Algosec, DARKOWL, Authlogics.


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