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Over 4 years ago
The tough requirement you have is bare metal backup. Bacula or Amanda can handle the rest. Try looking on sourceforge.
Over 4 years ago
Both Bacula and Amanda can meet your requirement, and Bacula definitely does BARE METAL Recovery, I think AMANDA does also. These guys have no idea how good both of these apps are nowadays. Plus you can get the code. Don't be bullied.
Over 4 years ago
Remember, both Informatica and SAP, are HUGE suites of software. It would seem that if you wanted to integrate them, you would look more at the modules. One module from Informatica, might put out information useable by SAP for ERP and production. For instance, Informatica…
Over 4 years ago
SAP in it's core elements, is basically ERP. Enterprise Requirements planning. That means it tries to provision the enterprise, on time, with what it needs to do business. Informatica seems to be more for Data Mining, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence. (This is…
Almost 7 years ago
Hi, My experience with ESB has mainly been Oracle based, for Oracle SOA projects.On ESB for the support of applications, I have built ESB services for Websphere.Again, the ESBs there seem pretty slaved to the applications they support.They do their job pretty well, and…

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