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Frankly, we don't use any of above 2 software. We are using Veeam Backup, a rising star, as the mainline now.
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My most important criteria is handling capacity and cost for development.

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- Setup operation system and property management business of Knight Frank Vietnam Co., Ltd.
- The second development of Thang Long Industrial Park (area: 74 hectares; investment capital of USD 25 mil.), aka. TLIP; completed and leased out in 2006 and the third development of Thang Long Industrial Park (area: 78 hectares; investment capital of USD 30 mil.); completed and leased out in Apr. 2008. At the moment, TLIP has completed its development with total area of 274 ha, number of locators is 83 (64 factories and 20 rental offices), number of employees is around 50,000; investment capital is USD 1.8 billion, and export turnover of year 2008 is around USD 1.8 billion (account for around 3% of total country’s export turnover in 2008). Nowadays, TLIP is regarded as the most successful industrial park in Vietnam.
- Development of Thang Long Industrial Park II (Pho Noi, Hung Yen Province) (area: 220 hectares; investment capital of USD 53 mil.); this project is under its first development with area of 150 ha and expected to start operation in Aug. 2009. At presence, some locators already started factory construction.
- Company’s Security Team always receives Special Contribution Certificates for outstanding contribution to public and social security from Hanoi Police Authority since 2004.
- Contributing management ideas which help early detecting M&E or O&M errors, saving operation cost for Company in year 2009 (around 30%).
- Proposing ideas for using more management software and schedule tools in daily operation which helps improving effectiveness of corporate communication and overall company management.
- Participating in setting up 2 logistics projects with investment more than USD 5 millions.