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I'm surprised no one mentioned Unitrends in this thread. We normally lead with Unitrends and Veeam and they work well with many different environments -- virtual, physical -- various supervisors, various operating systems. I like Quest and Veritas as well. A good BURA/DR…

About me

Roland started his career with MicroAge Computer Centers in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1995. He worked in verticals that encompassed State and Local and Federal clients in various areas of technology. A loyal employee, Roland stayed with the company when it was sold to Technology Integration Group (TIG) in 1997 and has been with TIG ever since.

Roland has expertise in understanding complex implementations surrounding security, storage, and infrastructure. His past projects include the improvements and/or overhaul of various data center environments to conform to best practices and industry compliance as it relates to IT.

Recent interests include serving the Hawaii Chapter of Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) as President, and Calvary Assembly of God Church as a board member and CIO.