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About 6 years ago
As today, a vCenter Server Appliance instance can be scaled as the same vCenter Server instance in a Windows server, it also saves you from licensing cost from Windows Server and Database system. Especially, deployment is fast and easy. You can even automate its deployment…
Over 6 years ago
Finding a good backup solution is always difficult, VMware products is not an exception.
Over 6 years ago
The most important thing is Backup can be restored in case of incident happened. If a backup can not be restored then it's useless. By that point, it must at least has the following things: - Follow 3-2-1 rule for backup - Meet organization RPO/RTO - Critical in…
Over 6 years ago
A good solution must meet a balance between cost, performance, management, availability and scalability.
Over 6 years ago
vSphere Fault Tolerance was introduced from vSphere 4.x. And in vSphere 6.0, it is still called vSphere FT but in abbreviation for vSphere Symmetric Multiprocessor Fault Tolerance.