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- Interoperability and coverage with/of the used environments - Stability - Ease of use in case of emergency - The organization that is behind - License pricing

About me

Overall Bid Management, risk assessment, price- and cost negotiations, gathering and coordination of the necessary teams, Quality control of the technical bid, assembling all administrative and financial aspects.

- APMP Strategic Proposal Mgmt certified professional (2013)
- ITIL v3.0 certified professional (2011)
- Development of a complete bid process with dedicated focus on European Institutions
- Bid Management; high level bids for Public & Private sector & the European Institutions.
- Hands on experience in commercial proposals, service management as service coordinator and as service designer (services analyst) with more in depth experience in Incident, Request and Change Management, elaboration of process-driven workflows as well as SLA’s and OLA’s.