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It really does depends on what you are backing up.


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Backup and Recovery Software

About me

I approach technology from perspectives of Marketing, Usability and Product development.

I focus on participating in change projects within IT infrastructure environments with Microsoft and VMWare hypervisors and Microsoft clients.
Besides this I often use open source software for specific tasks when solutions outside standard Microsoft tools are preferred. Some clients have requested this for cost reasons and others to separate administration layers in their IT infrastructure.

I have worked with Windows networks since 1999 and application support has always been a part of my job description. With a background from MS DOS and Windows 3.1 and professional experience all the way up to the latest 8.1 version of Windows on the client side and from NT 3.5 up to 2012 R2 on the server side.

My first IT job was within the Trelleborg Group where I started on the client support side. I quickly moved into server and network focus for this group and took part in roll-outs at multiple sites in seven countries. During these roll-outs we covered network, data lines, client pc and servers and it gave me a solid career base in IT infrastructure.

During these 15 years I have always worked with a solution focused mindset and almost exclusively with pressure to solve problems in order to deliver a key-ready process for the business. Today Microsoft offer more or less complete toolkits and I often use selected parts of them for a key functionality. Sometimes I have experienced the luxury of putting together an administrative process from scratch and then kept within one tool.

I have also strayed over to open source solutions when specific targets needed to be met, often when requested functionality has been basic and budget for software licenses low. I have then used Linux and BSD based products like Puppet, Clonezilla, Webmin, pfSense, FreeNas and others.

I am looking forward to see what I can do to add value to your organization.

Best regards, Anders Hansson