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BI tools are not easy to implement unless: 1. you have done a business need analysis. 2. you develop an strategy that provide continue support to the end users. 3. you got executive management approval. 4. you have a product maintenance plan that allows to continue…
Over 6 years ago
The solution must be simple to manage, develop by a well know organization and have top reviews in the IT Industry.

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Dedicated professional with over 15 years in the Information Technology Business and Projects. Recognized as a resource for managerial, educational and technical solutions. Fully bilingual, strong and decisive leader with excellent analytical, team building, and planning abilities. Knowledge and skill areas include:

◘ Effective Change-Agents Role
◘ Integrator of Key Components of Business Transformation
◘ Evaluate Projects
◘ Project Management Methodologies
◘ Customer Relationship Building & Support
◘ Budgeting, Forecasting & Agreements Monitoring
◘ Staff Supervision, Training, Mentoring & Coaching
◘ Technical Support Groups
◘ Across Multiple Groups
◘ Safety & Security Management
◘ Software Programming Development & Implementation
◘ Communications & Networks Integration

Specialties: Utility, Government, Pharmaceutical, Law, Health Care and Education.

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