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1) Quick restore options 2) Disk backup would be better option than SAN. 3) Easy to install and configure 4) Good support to backend hardware. May it be tape library, tape drives, media etc.,

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Storage Administrator at TCS

Storage Products: NetApp FAS series, HP 3PAR, EMC Clariion, VNX,HP EVA, IBM Storwize V7000, IBM XIV, IBM SVC,
Gist of technical knowledge on SAN technologies:

1) Zoning between Storage->Switch->Server
2) Installation and Customization of the storage management tools
3) Performing migration of data between filers using Snapmirror technology(NetApp)
4) Snapclone/Snapshot/Replication/Remote replication/ Deduplication technologies
5) Health check on volumes/arrays and hardware of the SAN.
6) Creating CPGs, TPVVs on 3PAR arrays.
7)Configuring and managing Virtual, Physical and Remote copies on 3PAR.
8) Mapping storage to Hosts and Host sets(Cluster) on 3PAR.
9) Consolidation/Virtualization of heterogeneous using IBM SVC(SAN Volume Controller)
10) Monitoring and scheduling backups on Symantec NetBackup
11) Working on Incidents, Problem and request cases following the ITIL Process