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Almost 6 years ago
Depends on what you would like to backup / restore. Depends on virtual vs physical environment. Veeam is an excellent backup tool for virtual environments. It is easy to setup. Restoring Files / VM's / SQL/ Exchange / AD is easy and fast. Surebackup needs a little more timeā€¦


Almost 6 years ago
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System management (mainly Windows based)
Storage: Dell (powervault/equalogic)
Network management (HP, Dell, VLAN, Routing, NG Firewall, VPN, Radius)
Security: NG Firewall, McAfee EPO
Server Based Computing (2X RAS, MS RDS)
Virtualization (VMWare 6, Citrix Xen Server 5.6 and >, HyperV basics)
Backup (YSBU, Veeam)
Monitoring: Veeam One
VoIP: Siemens/Unify, UC
Software implementation
Planning and implementing projects
Purchase: hardware/software/supplies
Automation, Access control, Time registration
Document management
Daily IT activities of 4 physical sites in BE/PL (AD, Policies, Backup,AV, printers, permissions, support)