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Firewall Infrastructure Renewal and Consolidations

3000 people affected
7 people managed
8 month project

Project Description

Firewall Infrastructure Renewal and Consolidations

Existing old (Cisco FWSM) firewall infrastructures have been migrated and consolidation with next generation Fortigate firewalls. 
8 old cluster datacenter (L3 firewall) firewalls have been migrated to 2 NG Fortigate 3700D and 1 Fortigate 3600C products different 3 locations. 

Project requirments;

- Next Generation firewalls (IPS, Application Control)

- Easy of management

- Easy of upgrade and update OS version

- Centeral management

- Easy schulde backup options


received a promotion
received recognition / award
support from colleagues
rule migration issue


large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule

Technologies Used

  • Istanbul (TR)41.013828.9497
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