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7 months ago
Good feedback. Besides these,IBM provides an open mindset which allows 3rd party integrations from for example spictera SPFS solution. SPFS - is a file system for Spectrum Protect, allowing the client to mount the Spectrum Protect storage as a mount point on the servers so…
About 4 years ago
Imagine if you could perform progressive incremental forever on databases too using Spectrum Protect? Take a look at http://www.ligtas.org
Over 4 years ago
Please be aware of that you select a backup software that also can protect your applications. We selected Spectrum Protect because it can with 3rd part vendors LIGTAS http://www.ligtas.org
Over 4 years ago
I would go for Spectrum Protect, as it can be used to backup opensource databases with 3rd parts softwares from http://www.ligtas.org
Over 4 years ago
Agentless installation Protect your databases without installing an agent on the host
Over 4 years ago
Green IT - consumes less energy Block level incremental forever on databases Incremental restore Agentless installation See http://www.ligtas.org
Over 4 years ago
Progressive block level incremental forever on databases. Incremental restore Agentless installation With vendor solutions; see "DB Protection" at http://www.ligtas.org
Over 4 years ago
Plus that it can protect almost any type of data. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB...
Over 4 years ago
We used ossv before for remote backups; which at that time sent less data over WAN. But replaced this with Spectrum Protect as it has deduplication and compression. You have to time the tcpwindow Other considerations are to use journal to speed up start time
Over 4 years ago
You have instant recovery on vm protection
Over 4 years ago
Same reason we had. We have hundreds of zlinux servers that we need to protect.
Over 4 years ago
IBM Spectrum Protect is the best as it can protect many different type of data.




Over 4 years ago
Backup and Recovery Software
Over 4 years ago
Backup and Recovery Software
Over 4 years ago
Backup and Recovery Software

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Specialties: Clusters and problem solving in large enterprise solutions.
Virtualization in large enterprise solutions. (RedHat Virtualization/VMWare/Xen/Solaris zones)

Unix, Storage and backup engineer with over 20 years experience in delivering and supporting multi-scale silo-based and converged infrastructure environments.
- Unix (AIX/Solaris/HPUX/Linux/Tru64)
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Specialities: Backup,Recovery and performance analyze in large enterprise solutions, development.

Infrastructure Architectural designs includes involvement with business to collect the requirements needed for the deliveries where I create solution materials:
- As Is, To Be and Migration or implementation plans, which is committed to the expectations.

Involved in many development tracks, where I plan, design and also program codes that works acording to the expectations.

Working environments have included manufacturing, international logistics, retail, global dealers, telecommunications and digital media broadcasting.
A very enthusiastic, organized and dedicated professional who is always seeking to make a positive contribution to any progressive organization.