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CMS sites are all about security first, then design flow of the site itself with intuitiveness and ease of use. Let's face it - websites are no longer just pages written in notepad or an HTML wysiwyg. They are far more complex, with users creating accounts, sharing…

About me

My professional experience is wide-reaching and diverse, encompassing everything from standalone devices such as handhelds, to fully integrated Enterprise networks and telecommunications in the Manufacturing, Academia, Healthcare, Government and Consulting sectors. My specialties in this arena are two-fold: First I manage the hardware and software needs from one side of an organization to the other.

Second, I identify and improve business tasks and processes providing/supporting the technology and data acquisition to increase organizational productivity, agility, reliability, robustness, security and competitiveness in a global market. I do so with a high level of work ethos and dedication to my craft, my users, and those I represent - within budget, and on time.

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