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Saved a new, small client over $6600 during next 3 year term

6 people affected
1 people managed
2 month project

Project Description

Saved a new client over $6600 over 3 year term - while increasing service levels!


  1. Lower monthly out-of-pocket cost
  2. Single bill 
  3. Faster internet speed
  4. Wi-Fi was broken and unusable - needed fixed!
  5. Maintain 2 phone lines for calls, credit cards, and an occasional fax

IT Guru Solutions, Inc. was able to provide them with a simple IT Guru UX Solution:

  1. Contract and cost analysis + savings
    1. Gathered current bills;
    2. Collected competitive quotes for phone, internet & TV services;
    3. Identified immediate savings opportunities: 
      1. 2 phone lines.
        1. Conversion of $180/month POTS analog phone lines to SIP trunks converted back to analog at CPE $60/month - instant $120 monthly savings;
      2. Inherited 5 TVs of service, though only 4 TVs existed on-premise - ~$60/month savings
      3. ESPN "capacity" adjusted to lower occupancy number per fire marshal signage - ~$80/month savings
  2. Implemented after insuring contract was correct per customer wishes:
    1. Increased internet speed from 6Mbps DSL to 50Mbps cable modem;
    2. Maintained 4 TV's in the bar area with new cable boxes + new remotes installed;
    3. Maintained 2 phone lines and associative published numbers;
    4. Replaced defunct wireless access point with operational Wi-Fi AP;
      1. Simplified Wi-Fi passwords for customer use;
    5. Providing continual world class service to the customer:
      1. Regular followup to insure our self-imposed SLA is still being delivered on; 
      2. Regular testing performed, onsite and remotely;


    1. Reduced monthly out-of-pocket costs from $579/month to $389/month - more than $6600 savings over the term!
    2. Customer now has only one bill for one cost every month - for all above services
    3. Wi-Fi now works - since taking ownership of the business - so it actually working at all is a first for them
    4. Internet is now over 10x faster than it was before
    5. Telephones, credit card machine, printers, laptops, and smartphones all operate on the network perfectly now

    Lessons Learned

    Current pricing for local fiber, cable modem, DSL and other internet services is about all I learned this time around. 


    ahead of schedule
    under budget
    saved client a lot of money!
    increased service levels!


    management had to be convinced

    Technical Skills Used

    • network & wireless administration
    • Gainesville29.6516-82.3248
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