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Over 1 year ago
There can be MANY things to be considered here, but it can also be simple. As with most IT infrastructure things, there are plenty of variables that might apply in some scenarios and not in others. Given the limited about of information we have to work with, I'd say it…
Almost 3 years ago
From a physical hardware perspective, both Nutanix and VMware vSAN have similar offerings. (There are "2U solutions" that support 4-nodes for vSAN as well.) My recommendation is to list the features you ACTUALLY NEED first, then compare your list against both products…

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Since the 1990s, I have provided technical leadership in various fields - supervising a component-level electronics repair shop, maintaining US Army global telecommunications networks, and administering AIX-Solaris-Windows servers. I have served as an implementation consultant performing AIX, Windows, and VMware server support, as well as backup/recovery consolidation with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. I currently provide Solutions Architecture using data center products in the Dell Technologies portfolio.