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6 months ago
We have been using Fortinet for 3 years and find it to be a stable and secure system. Our largest user center has around 500 devices, as well as our Azure IaaS virtual firewalls, that handle the thousands of users connecting to our sites with no performance issues.
7 months ago
Purpose-built appliances offer tested performance measures and provide proven results for the specified traffic and service configuration.   VM can only provide vCPUs, RAM, and hard disk resources.  However, in some cloud environments, you only have the VM option, no…
10 months ago
Your SIEM should receive and process traffic generated by your NDR as well as events from your endpoint protection systems, server event logs, infrastructure device logs and cloud services logs then be able to correlate these data points to highlight suspicious patterns or…
Over 1 year ago
Rony, Daniel's answer is right on the money.  There are many solutions for each in the market, a lot depends upon your ability to manage such tools and your budget.  A small operation may be best served by a managed service if it proves to be economical.  I do not have any…
Over 3 years ago
Have not implemented at yet the InsightDR solution. Am reviewing the system