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There are two questions here, really. One is technical, and the other is political. So often, over the years, I have found that the political one is the hardest and the one that tends to have more sway. I have seen, so often, that companies will have global standards,…
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Your question doesn't provide enough information to give you a qualified answer. You've essentially ask da question similar to "I have a parcel I want to wrap, and I have 3 lengths of string, which one should I use?". The answer, being, of course, it depends. So, we can…

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A highly motivated technologist who unusually spreads the gap between Technology and Business, delivering real value. Proven track record of increasing revenue and making multi-million dollar savings. Visionary in the market place.

My goals are to find a highly motivated team where I can add significant value, and that team is rewarded for success.

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