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Answered a question: How do you backup a SAN?
For SAN Storage backup; for e.g HP MSA/P2000/HPE NIMBLE, Synology:- Volumes or LUN Backup/Sync/Replication can be setup & configured using the Storage WebPortal Access or by using specific HP tool like HP Mirroring tool 3rd party App can be used; for e.g.…
Over 1 year ago
In the educational sector, the main challenge is to have control over all content that students or educators will be accessing. We have many vendors that offer this service, a few examples will be Fortigate, Sonicwall, Cisco, and Sophos. Now it will depend on what aspect…
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NAT, ISP normally provides one public IP to subscribers and for many devices to connect on the internet this single public IP address is shared among them. Traversal technique is to do UDP encapsulation to allow traffic to reach the destination device which does not have a…
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Done many installations of both Sophos and FortiGate, Sophos is the easiest to install and best in terms of features. Reporting is free in Sophos while we need an extra subscription for FortiGate. Deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention advanced threat protection, web…



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