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Red Hat was just bought by IBM and are the de facto supported distribution with what I guess is 70% or more market share. They are strong and are seen as the open source inventors although Linux is maintained by a community including various other companies - that said…


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Operating Systems (OS) for Business

About me

I have close to 30 years experience in sales, primarily in IT (hardware, software as well as services) - I also have experience with establishing and running of multi-cultural sales teams

I enjoy leading both virtual and real teams to their highest potential - I do this with a collaborative coaching style.

I am currently leading two sales teams covering a large part of Western Europe for the Oracle Linux and Virtualisation Business Unit

I have extensive experience working in international sales teams, and thrive on building communities among customers and partners, as well as internally.

Good language/communications skills.

By nature I am an outgoing and friendly type of person, who has the confidence and communication skills to build positive working relationships and develop a supportive team atmosphere. I am cooperative in style, and capable of working towards mutual goals. I am persuasive and skilled at bringing others to see my point of view.

Fluent in English, Danish, Spanish, Swedish and my German is at a fairly fluent level.

Driven by international perspective and not limited by "boundaries" - travel is an expected part of work.

Specialties: Good at connecting people and establishing networks for strategic business development. I build long term sustainable models and methods for keeping track of overall business and individual rep performance.

Mantra: Lifelong Learning

Views expressed here are my own and are not reflecting Oracle views.