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3 months ago
@JohnBowling from 2.0 version NAS is serverd
3 months ago
@Karthik_C i compared and BAckup exec for virtualization is twice cheaper than Veam.Maybe Veeam is faster, but Backup Exec is very realiable and trusted.
4 months ago
Backup Exec 2020 -backup job: - virtual machines: 4GB/min; - MS SQL: 8GB/min; - duplicate to tape (LTO 8)- 8-10GB/min. The time depends on the speed of the storage source/destination.
Almost 2 years ago
- For Veritas Backup Exec: Licenses are per client that you want to backup and depends on if it's only an agent for the system or for an application. - For VMware, the license is per VMware host.-
Almost 2 years ago
I don't have experience with IBM Spectrum Protect, but I do have experience with Data Domain. I would recommend it. It's very stable, has high performance, and the highest deduplication engine.