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Over 2 years ago
HI seems like a "complicate" question. My Preference ARE : 1..Reliable of ALL needed file are backups (reports ) 2..Reliable of RESTORES All other consideration are Far less important. Thanks BB
Over 2 years ago
1. Seems that VEEAM is doing dedupe and compression PER JOB and NOT globally. 2. At TSM there feature of replicate node + protect stg, that give you the option to replicate the backup to a remote site and is NOT necessary for all backups, so you can choose to keep fewer…
Over 2 years ago
There is no doubt that Commvault is nice software. However, when you look at TSM (New name is Spectrum Protect) which comes as a FULL license, including all types of agents (SQL/Exchange / Oracle) and is free of charge for 82 years, which include at the software. All vendors…
Over 2 years ago
You wrote : Production Servers - 2 - 2 x HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Server (2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4208 Processors) - 512Gb RAM with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 1-2 Sockets for OS I would have to consider: 1- What application is running at the Linux? 2- If at the…
Almost 3 years ago
1..Total Success backups (number of clients / sum of data ) 2..Ability to do a restore / part / files / total machine