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Almost 2 years ago
I find that Pure provides all three, performance, scalability, and HA. Our Pure arrays do not show any performance reduction at 50%+ capacity or after 2 years of usage.
Over 2 years ago
Answered a question: Who Uses APM?
A good APM tool provides the user interaction with the application and the application response to the user interaction. Knowing exactly what the user entered and how they navigated to the application feature is a major benefit in diagnosis and mitigation of the issue(s)…
Over 2 years ago
There are many other solutions that do not involve tape, some with Veeam software and others with different solutions. The note mentions replication, which would seem to indicate some other recover storage solution. I would look at a backup storage solution that includes…
Almost 3 years ago
Recovery reliability and performance.


Over 2 years ago
Application Performance Management (APM)

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