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6 months ago
Throughout my years of specializing in Backup and DR i found the below to be the most sane decision criteria to make when choosing a backup solution. 1. Where the metadata is stored i.e. DB or Backup Storage 2. backup airgap/immutability features 3. flexible backup and…
Over 1 year ago
After sale support should be the most important decision criteria for buying any solution. When it comes to disaster recovery usually people are mentally stressed and challenged in terms of RTOs, that causes a bit of a panic and may affect proper judgement of taking the…
Over 1 year ago
That all comes down what exactly you are looking to backup. Virtual, physical, cloud. Nevertheless if you are looking for a simple, reliable, scalable, and flexible solution which has a portable license model that fits all go with Veeam
Over 1 year ago
For DRaaS you can use Veeam cloud connect via a VCSP. For backing up suse VMs on hyperv or VMware you may use Veeam backup & replication to conduct agentless/agent based backups of these VMs
Over 1 year ago
From what I know DD is a dedupe storage appliance that requires backup software such as EMC Avamar or Networker. Veeam Backup and Replication is a backup software that can integrate with DD also. These are two different domains so it's not fair to compare. If you are…
Almost 2 years ago
There is no such thing as best "anything" let alone backups. There are plenty of enterprise solutions that can handle the load you mentioned plenty are available in the market and it all comes down to your needs. Hardware encryptions might be much more secure (tougher to…
About 2 years ago
The most important aspect to look for in backup and recovery software is its ability and flexibility to help achieve the best practice 3-2-1 rule. 3 backup copies, 2 different mediums, 1 offsite/offline.


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7 months ago
Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows


Over 1 year ago
Backup and Recovery Software
Almost 2 years ago
Backup and Recovery Software


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