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2 months ago
Well, first there's a lot of different types of servers and domains they serve, so it depends what the purpose of the server is. The physical server components will stop it providing any service if they fail. So its easy to see that its vital to monitor them all. But if that…
3 months ago
Log management can be simple or very involved. The more they are VERY elaborate, the more maintenance is going to be an issue. I'll explain Vendors change their software, and when they do they don't all document those changes. Thus if you develop lots of distributed…
3 months ago
Monitoring means data collection, so identifying the alerts metrics and their domains requires knowledge. if you don't have that get help because the answers will also require them. -Ask about automation, it can simplify both setup and operating the tool.-Ask about data…
5 months ago
Zabbix is a powerful, stable and broad-reaching efficient software solution for monitoring infrastructure. It is relatively simple to use, but don't underestimate the need for skills to maintain its implementation and adapt to the constant changes IT environments demand…
5 months ago
There are two letters which define a core "difference" in these definition and one which define a common theme.O for Operations is the first pointer to the IT function of using IT infrastructure to keep business satisfied. That does involve day to day tasks but also longer…
About 1 year ago