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Assisted top firm in Virtualizing Siebel web app

200 people affected
1 month project

Project Description

Assisted top firm in virtualizing Siebel web app with IE

Provided high level services surrounding a Vmware Thinapp virtualization project that needed immediate delivery to end client for production deployment within their business units. Virtualized Siebel web app on IE6 for large manufacturer client. Worked closely with both Vmware and Oracle Siebel support. Worked with Thinapp Enterprise v6 and v7

Installed...captured app...deployed and troubleshooted errors and engaged Vmware Thinapp support engineers to challenge them on suspected compatibility issues etc

Lessons Learned

I do not think I would do it differently in terms of project approach. The work required lots of troubleshooting and documenting of actions taken to get the virtualized app to actually function correctly.  It also required testing Siebel app functionality and engaging with end users to test newest virtualized builds. A few months after project ended the end client requested my services again.


received recognition / award
support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
large no. of people impacted

Technical Skills Used

  • vmware
  • networking
  • application support troubleshooting

Technical Certifications Used

  • vcp
  • ccna
  • Raleigh (NC-US)35.7721-78.6386
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