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Over 1 year ago
I second those observations.
Over 1 year ago
First, research the quality of the device, reputation and reviews. Generally speaking they don't fail often except for power surges. Second, licence terms and service options. Third, is local service support available? Review the service dept history, quality of employees…
Almost 2 years ago
- First, review all ports you have open. Is there any way you can eliminate it? - Second, review the functions your firewall product has. With a company of up to 500 employees, you should have a fairly expensive firewall, like a unified threat management device, UTM.…
Almost 4 years ago
Like Nick Staicu above, I'm just an I.T. Manager for a small company with 78 PCs. Never used Barracuda products. But I have tried to use Sonicwall NSA2400. I have 15 years experience as a database programmer, the sonicwall configuration tools / programming system is…

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