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Over 1 year ago
There are variety of product options such Cisco, Fortinet, Sophos, Sangfor or Palo Alto. And you may also need to consider other factors including: 1- Total available bandwidth (Internet + WAN + or any other) 2- What other inspection engines will you use other than…
Over 1 year ago
Can you be more specific on your question?
Over 3 years ago
1- Check if the current vendor product is not End of Full Support and Services. You should be able to get updates and/or upgrades for firmware/OS/UTM subscription. 2- Review you sizing requirement. If the current specifications still apply? For example: concurrent sessions.…
About 4 years ago
I have experience with SonicWall and Fortinet. Both are good options. But the customer is considering email spam filter firewall. I would advise going with Barracuda.

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