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5 days ago
It depends on what you like to monitor.  You can use an APM tool - it can monitor transactions to the enduser. Or you can use a tool like riverbed and monitor with NetFlow the complete network and devices like user machines. 
11 days ago
Yes, Dynatrace and AppDynamics are number 1 and 2.  I have worked for a long time with both of them.  Within IT everything is changing fast and I'm sure Instana with Turbonomics will be the next one. It is not only monitoring but as well financial visibility and automated…
12 days ago
You have many tools available like Dynatrace, IBM APM, Instana, APP dynamics and many more, depending on price scalability and functionality.  I prefer Instana in combination with Turbonomic because this combo takes automatic action on an event if it is allowed by a policy…
About 2 months ago
Storage requirements are depending on several factors.  For example, the language you will use, the data you will receive, do you use a RAID, etc. 
2 months ago
It is depending on what you need to monitor. Do you need to monitor transactions, or code or the SQL software and parameter values? If it is for transactions, you have many tools. The best ones are Instana, Dynatrace. Both are easy to install and more importantly easy to…

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move with the family first to France to lead the European network team, after that to Germany and finally to the USA. Did a lot of consultancy jobs for IBM USA at NASA in facility management , Case Corporation as Network manager, security manager, and development manager, spend 2 years at Warner Bros and move back to The Netherlands at IBM Zoetermeer running a SAP outsourcing project for Phillips. Move to Belgium to setup a monitoring and performance center. moved back to the USA to develop an new AI system monitoring and take automatically action if something goes wrong. or scheduled action if required

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