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Delivering "State of the Art" compute platform for Hospital

800 people affected
7 people managed
1 month project

Project Description

Delivering "State of the Art" compute platform for Healthcare establishment


Set up failsafe, hyper-converged IT Infrastructure and medical imaging storage system for a brand new hospital offering affordable healthcare.


Implement HPE SimpliVity along with a flash-ready, shared MSA SAN Storage to host HIMS and PACS on separate servers, for a software-driven approach to simplify and automate IT

IT benefits:

  • Separate offering for HIMS and PACS systems
  • Ease of management with a VMware vCenter plugin
  • Zero RPO and faster restore of 1 Min/TB for failed VMs
  • All SSD solution for client HIMS systems for faster billing and reduced wait time
  • Backup included as part of the HPE SimpliVity solution
  • End to End solution from HPE for datacenter components including storage units
  • Accelerates IT responsiveness to meet the needs of clinicians
  • Enables Kingsway Hospital to handle ongoing growth of digitized medical data
  • Help assure patients of receiving a positive healthcare experience
  • Virtual, optimized environment for enhanced disaster recovery
  • Enabled access to data, in a faster, easier and more reliable manner
  • Ease of expansion with a scalable solution that facilitates future business growth

Lessons Learned

Given an opportunity to do this project again, I would rethink of quantifying of RAM and the number of cores fro the processors.


ahead of schedule
under budget
received a promotion
support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
steep learning curve

Technical Skills Used

  • Windows Server
  • VMware vsphere
  • TOR Switching

Technical Certifications Used

  • CCNA
  • MCSE
  • Nagpur (IN)21.146379.0849
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